Colleen’s TEA CUP hat

Beyond the Ordinary Tea House in Balmain was established in 2007 by the ever eccentric Colleen Kennedy.

Colleen opened the hearts of everyone who entered her tea house…not just with her delicious hand blended teas, but also her never-ending effervescence, compassion and her smile.
I just had to make her a Tea Cup Hat … She loved it so much, I think she slept in it!

“I wanted a hat that would bring a smile to everyone’s heart –
that would be fun and playful and a little bit reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.
I thought it was a teapot hat, and when I spoke with Wendi she had a smile that belied an even better idea …

Philadelphia Philpot Tea Cup Hat for Colleen Kennedy
















“The result of her inspiration is my teacup hat – the wearing of this whimsical hat instantly
communicates playfulness and all respond with “I love your hat!” and this hat has just made a difference!
As for me – I know that I have been ‘crowned’, and it enables me to create a magical field around me and what I do.
Wendi’s hat has powerfully branded me.

You couldn’t do business with a more delightful and dedicated milliner – Wendi has a heart of gold
and she will have you looking and feeling spiffier than you could have ever imagined!” Colleen Kennedy

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