Elizabeth … a very happy bride indeed!

“One of my fondest memories from the lead up to my wedding was working with Wendi to create the beautiful headpiece she created for me”
I was a very low key sort of bride. I didn’t wear a traditional wedding dress and wanted to keep everything simple.
One thing I knew was I definitely wanted something on my head. I looked in magazines and online and found a piece
I thought was perfect – ordered it and waited anxiously.
When it arrived I realized I had made a mistake.  It was cheap looking, there was so much netting and it stuck
out in all sorts of strange places and was fixed to your hair with a tiny, flimsy clip that drove me mad.

A friend suggested I take it to Wendi to see if she could fix it –
The moment I saw her hats & headpieces,  I knew I was not going to wear that other silly piece of tat on my head!
The next month and a half was the most fun part of my wedding preparation.
I really looked forward to seeing Wendi and to see how the style and shape of my headpiece was progressing.
I enjoyed spending time with her in a fun and relaxed environment, no crazy wedding stress in sight!”

“I left her studio with the most beautiful thing I have ever owned”

Couture bridal headpiece by Philadelphia Philpot 2014

“Wendi created exactly what I wanted and when I put it in my hair on my wedding day
I couldn’t wipe the smile of my face! The headpiece was all hand made and fitted me perfectly,
it complemented my dress and matched my wedding style and me.
It was perfect…and on my wedding day I was able to forget all about it  as it didn’t need any
sort of attention all day. I put it in my hair at about 1pm and it was still there,
in just the right position, when I was dancing on the bar with my sister at 11pm that night!”

Elizabeth_Walsh_dancing at her wedding2014

“The one piece of advice I give to my friends who are planning a wedding is choose what to splurge on and what to hold back on.
It is worth the time and slightly more money (my piece was very reasonable) to have something you will treasure for ever, and
as a bonus you get to spend some fun and relaxing time with one of the most fun and relaxed women you will ever meet!”

Elizabeth Walsh 

Please contact me if you would like a gorgeous bridal headpiece created especially for your wedding –
Wendi 0411 22 82 32 or email me