Repair and restoration of 2 hats for Jimmy

Repair and restoration of 2 hats for Jimmy

The delightful Jimmy arrived at my studio with 2 hats that desperately needed some repair and attention!

His favorite old Akubra felt hat was VERY out of shape and had shrunk in size.

I gave it a new life by re-blocking it into shape, stretching the crown and adding hat ties so he can wear it when sailing.

Jimmy’s favorite hat re-blocked into shape by Philadelphia 2018

His other hat was from South America and was made from paper…..

I thought we only wore paper hats around the Christmas lunch table!   🙂 

It was fraying and falling apart, but somehow I managed to repair & reshape it back to life!

Jimmy was very pleased with both hats.

South American paper hat needing repair and restoration 2018

Jimmy, looking very happy in his restored hat by Philadelphia Philpot. Dec 2018












Jimmy’s gorgeous testimonial…

“I’m happy to recommend Wendi to anyone needing a new hat or a repair. I found her by the usual way on the internet and her service was impeccable, thoughtful and also fast!  I had both my hats ready before Xmas eve and I only found her 4 days before.

I can’t recommend her enough”…..Jimmy.  Dec 2018                      See more of my hat restorations >



On a professional note:  To gentlemen buying hats

I really recommend that you invest in good quality straw hats for summer and felt hats in winter

they last much longer than paper hats!