Restoration of a Collapsible Top Hat

A young gentleman came to me with a fabulous, collapsible top hat that had been in his wife’s family for many years and had accidently been squashed.

I was thrilled to see this gorgeous hat as they were very popular around the 1920’s and 30’s.

The hat was covered in gorgeous, black silk with a silk lining and had hinges inside so it could be flattened for easy storage. Sadly the brim was coming away from the crown and needed some serious work. The ribbon around the crown had snapped and was falling apart and the ribbon around the brim needed re-stitching. The inside lining was ripped and coming away from the hat.

When his wife came to collect the restored hat, she was thrilled, as it had been her great grandfather’s hat and her family had treasured it for many years.  It can now be passed down to the next generation!

Restoration of Collapsible Top Hat














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