Restoration & Repair

One of my great passions has always been restoring antique furniture.


When I started my millinery business 28 years ago it was therefore a natural shift to lovingly restore and repair hats.

Over the years I have repaired and restored many treasured and beautiful vintage hats and headpieces as well as much loved, everyday felt and straw hats that have been accidentally squashed or blown off into the sea!


Like my handmade hats, many vintage hats were not glued together – they were beautifully hand stitched, making it much easier for me to repair and restore.

Wendi from Philadelphia Philpot Millinery creating a felt top hat
Top hat restored by Philadelphia Philpot
Philadelphia Philpot’s creative energy manifests in ever surprising, visual pleasures - and through her art we shine. (Torunn Momtazi – Photographer)

My hat restoration & repair clients include:



  • Felt and straw trilbys and fedoras
  • Three well worn, Akubra hats for a NSW country farmer
  • Hats for theatre & TV productions
  • and many everyday hats just needing some love and attention.



Young brides wanting to wear their mother’s bridal headpiece on their wedding day – circa 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s 



Some hats may just need a clean, blocked back into shape and a new hat band.

MY STUDIO IS OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY –  Even if you think it may not be worth me repairing your hat, email me and I will happily give you my professional opinion … it may be well worth giving it some love and attention … and it too may be treasured by the next generation!

Do you have a hat that needs to be restored or repaired? Contact Wendi