Restoring a 1959 bridal headpiece

Andrea arrived at my studio with her mother’s gorgeous, 1959 wedding dress and floral bridal headpiece.
She wanted the headpiece restored for Bec, her niece to wear to her wedding ……and then, to also wear it to her own wedding!

The dress and headpiece were very fragile as they had been in the much loved, family “dress up box” and worn many times over the years!

Andrea said I was welcome to use some of the silk from the wedding dress if needed.
After pulling the headpiece apart, I used some pieces from the dress to make the new base and petals.

Andrea and Bec both wore the restored headpiece to their beautiful weddings!

Please call Wendi 0411 22 82 32 if you have a vintage bridal headpiece that you would like restored, or email me