Restoring a 1978 bridal headpiece

Patricia was married in 1978 and wore this beautiful “Juliet” style headpiece with fingertip veil for her wedding.
Her daughter Gaby loved the restoration and wore the headpiece and veil on her wedding day.

1978 Juliet bridal headpiece restored by Philadelphia Philpot 2015

“The headpiece needed some love and attention. A few pieces of wire were poking through, parts of the headpiece were coming apart and the tiny flowers needed some attention.
It was well worth the effort of having it repaired by Wendi and we are all very happy with the result”  Patricia & Gaby

I hope Gaby will treasure it and pass it on to her daughter…

If you would like your vintage bridal headpiece to be repaired & restored, please contact me:  Wendi 0411 22 82 32 or email me