Steampunk Top Hats

Having an eccentric cousin who adores hats is a blessing!
John and his beautiful wife Kate have been wearing hats since they met in the 1960’s.

John and Kate Marshall_Philadelphia Philpot_Steampunk Top Hats_September 2015

John shares their HAT history…
“As children of the sixties, we both grew up in an age when fashion moved from the drab to the cor’ blimey.
Our trippie hippie past was coloured by paislies and flowers, silks and satins, velvets and beads.
Hats were very important, from corduroy caps to soft floppy primary coloured sun hats.
As we got older, employers added their restrictions, but we still wore our bell bottoms and
crimplenes, maxi dresses and culottes.  Hats became more practical, but still fun. Our mutual love of
dressing up meant we attended parties as vampires, and biblical lepers, harlots and biker chicks.
As the 90’s gave way to the naughties, the internet gave us access to a wide range of hats,
and as we’ve travelled around the globe we’ve added  fedoras, Greek fisherman’s caps,
Confederate forage caps,  top hats, bowlers, derbys, cloches, tweed caps, trilbys, African tribal hats,
pork pies and just plain funny hats to our collection.
The advent of Steampunk has allowed us to wear our Edwardian outfits, plus to add some
antique jewellery for fun……We are just children who grew older…but not up.

We love dressing up, and Philadelphia Philpot allows us to fulfil our fantasies,
have fun and share that fun with others.”     John Marshall 2015

John and Kate Marshall wearing Edwardian and Steampunk 2015

Please contact me if you would like me to create a funky top hat Wendi 0411 22 82 32 or email me