Bridal styling for you – Headpiece, colours, body shape & the wedding theme.

Amy Weir Photography_Beaded Crown headpiece by Philadlephia Philpot 2014

lace crown headpiece © wendi nutt-philadelphia philpot 2014

As a couture Milliner and Stylist for many years,
I offer you some tips for your wedding dress and bridal headpiece.

Your headpiece or hat should be as beautiful as your dress, and made especially for you by a professional milliner.

As well as complementing the colour, shade and style of your dress, it works best when it is also in proportion with your height and body shape.

The headpiece needs to be your personal style, and is even more interesting when it complements your whole look, and the theme and “era” of the wedding.

Spending thousands of dollars on the dress, shoes, reception and everything else that is needed for a fabulous wedding, is a wonderful experience …but buying a headpiece on-line and hoping it will match, can be an expensive risk as they can be made from cheap and nasty materials and also look cheap.

I have had many of brides come to me in tears! “HELP! Can you do anything with this?”
These on-line pieces are usually glued together, including the pearls and sparkly bits!… and are not worth the money and the effort to re-make or repair.  Some have been known to arrive with the pearls falling out!

Read Elizabeth’s “on-line bridal headpiece disaster” story here!  

You wouldn’t expect your dress to be glued together when you buy it, so why wear a glued together headpiece in your hair, made by someone who has never seen your face…let alone your hair, body shape or wedding dress!
These pieces are mass produced and probably won’t suit or fit your intended hairstyle when it arrives.

When you come to my studio, your first consultation includes talking about your dress, shoes, hairstyle, theme of your wedding and YOU!

After your hair- trial day, you come back to my studio with the photos.
We then rummage through boxes of lace, beads, feathers, leather, flowers, fabrics, veiling and perhaps even talk about using a beautiful brooch from your grandmother’s jewelry box….
We then design the headpiece together.

The same process applies it you are an alternative bride – it could be anything from Rock “n” Roll to Indie to Gothic.

No matter what style you are, the end result is a little masterpiece that will be a beautiful keepsake to pass onto your daughters or granddaughters – It will be the only one in the Universe!  –  How fabulous is that?

Another option is having your Mother’s or Grandmothers bridal headpiece repaired, restored and even re-styled – See my bridal restorations here

Please contact me if you would like me to create a gorgeous, couture headpiece to complement your wedding dress   Wendi 0411 22 82 32  email me

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