A beautiful Greek Wedding – Restoring Stefana crowns

Ellie asked if I would be able to repair, restore and restyle her mother’s fragile, 1960’s Greek Stefana for her sister’s wedding.
During a Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony, the bride and groom wear Stefana (twin crowns) joined by a ribbon.
The bride and groom are crowned King and Queen of their own domain and of their families.

Philadelphia Philpot Greek Stefana pre restoration

Pre restoration of Greek Stefana


The Stefana symbolizes the glory and honour that is being
bestowed  on them by God, and the ribbon symbolizes their unity.
The beautiful crowns are exchanged three times while the
priest offers a blessing.



Philadelphia Philpot restored 1960's Greek Stefana

Restored 1960’s Greek Stefana




After I had repaired, cleaned, reshaped and
added new ribbon to the Stefana, Ellie chose a
few small crystal beads to add sparkle to the
front of the crowns.

It was a delight to restore these vintage
Greek crowns and I hope they get passed
down through the family for a few more generations.




Please contact me if you would like your vintage headpiece restored – Wendi 0411 22 82 32 or email me.