A Gothic Wedding

I had the great pleasure of being asked to create a Gothic bridal headpiece for the ever beautiful and eccentric, Philamae Gray. The headpiece components she brought to my studio were inspiring and challenging.
I was very happy with the final piece & Philamae was a delight to work with.
She is now a sweet and inspiring friend.

Philadelphia_Philpot_Philamae's_Gothic_Bridal_ Party_web

The Bridal Party

My experience by Philamae

“I was very inspired when I saw Alexander McQueen’s Antler headpieces on his last runway before his death, so I knew I wanted to have a jaw dropping headpiece created for my Gothic inspired wedding, to complement my black dress. My daughter is an artist and loves creating art with antlers, I bought her a pair a year ago, so I knew they were available. That was my creative start point.

Discovering Wendi from Philadelphia Philpot was the perfect match. We clicked straight away…. I remembered when I said over the phone “I’m Philamae, and I’m interested in a bold, gothic, fantasy headpiece for my wedding”, Wendi said “Your name is Philamae? with mine being Philadelphia Philpot, we are just meant to be working together on this!”. Our fate, as partners-in-crime in this project, was sealed there and then.

I arrived at Wendi’s studio armed with fabulous pieces that I wanted in my bridal headpiece. The gorgeous antlers were imported from the U.S. The lovebird (whom I’ve nicknamed ‘Philpot’ after Wendi) is from  Queensland – it was a pet that died a natural death and was taxidermied.
The 3 eggs, which represent each of my 3 girls, were dyed by me to match the pheasant feathers that came from an Australian bird farm.
Wendi commissioned Anitra Morgana from Brooching Matters  especially, to design and hand-weave the beautiful, delicate nest. We had many joyful, crazy sessions and fittings, and I loved the process and the outcome.
The outcome was perfect, in bringing to life, the Queen Bride for our unusual Gothic wedding – which incidentally was a play I wrote.

The Process – bespoke, creative challenges, flamboyant imagining, laughter and Wendi’s amazing openness and dedication to form and function – made the kind of memories I had always wanted in the process of art directing my wedding.
I loved it all!”

“Wendi’s studio is my lolly shop – all those amazing and unique creations, displayed so beautifully!  Each time I went there, I tried on some hats…what a joyful time. Here’s to planning more hat parties!”  Philamae Gray

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