My Stone Carvings

 One of my other passions – sculpting stone

Under the original guidance of renowned Sydney sculptor Geoffrey Pollard, I have been carving sandstone for many years.
In August 2002,  I exhibited at the annual Sculptors Society Exhibition in Darling Park Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

“Wendi Nutt’s sculpture ‘Bhishma’, in sandstone, embodies the Buddha-like tranquility in South-East Asian statues.”
Isolde Davis – The Sculptors’ Society Bulletin.

Wendi Nutt Stone Carvings Maynard




My fascination with faces has been a constant since my very early childhood. It led me to my other fascination HATS!
As a child, I drew hundreds of tiny little faces on the wall next to my bed and I wasn’t allowed new wallpaper until I stopped!
My simplistic facial carvings are a progression from those childhood scribblings, and retain a whimsical aesthetic.

I am still carving stone, in-between making couture hats for my clients, and I am happy to take orders for my sculptures.

sculptures © 2012 Wendi Nutt      images © Ian Hofstetter Photography