Straw hat repaired, restored & resized after it drowned in the sea!

Samantha called me to see if I could restore and make the brim smaller on her favorite straw hat.
It was a gorgeous large brimmed straw hat that had sadly blown off her head into the salt water!

Philadelphia Philpot_straw hat restored_reshaped_resized 2016








The crown and brim needed to be re-blocked (re-shaped) back into its original shape
and as it had shrunk in the ocean, it needed to be re-stretched to her head size.
I also attached a heavier wire around the brim to strengthen it, so she can now wear her favorite hat more often.
Samantha is very happy with the smaller brim and the end result … 
and I loved restoring it!

Philadelphia Philpot repair_ restore_resize_straw hat 2016










Please contact me if  your hat needs to be repaired and re-shaped.
Wendi 0411 22 82 32 or email me