Testimonials from business partners

“Philadelphia Philpot’s creative energy manifests in ever surprising, visual pleasures … Much like magic, Wendi plays felt, thread and lace into stunning creations which soothes and excite us … and through her art we shine.”
Torunn Momtazi – Photographer   

“The creative phenomenon that is behind Philadelphia Philpot Millinery is the divine Ms Wendi Nutt, a woman who spreads magic through her effervescent personality and through her artistic hat creations and timeless sense of style.  I was so delighted to meet Wendi – her sense of play and fun met with mine and I just knew that Wendi could fashion me the perfect headpiece. My business is called Beyond The Ordinary –I produce a boutique range of hand blended teas. I am a professional tea drinker and I share my knowledge and love of tea through my tea house and tea appreciation events.  I wanted a hat that would bring a smile to everyone’s heart – that would be fun and playful and a little bit reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. I thought it was a teapot hat, and when I spoke with Wendi she had a smile that belied an even better idea.  The result of her inspiration is my teacup hat – the wearing of this whimsical hat instantly communicates playfulness and all respond with “I love your hat!” and this hat has just made a difference! As for me – I know that I have been ‘crowned’, and it enables me to create a magical field around me and what I do. Wendi’s hat has powerfully branded me.   You couldn’t do business with a more delightful and dedicated milliner – Wendi has a heart of gold and she will have you looking and feeling spiffier than you could have ever imagined!”    Colleen Kennedy

“Wendi, A BIG THANK YOU for taking part in the Business Forum in 2015 for new start up business.
Your enthusiasm, fun and generosity in sharing your business experiences I value greatly, and it has been a key part in helping to motivate course participants who are deciding on when to start their business.  All participants are enthused after the business panel sessions, and your demonstration of living your brand by wearing fabulous Philadelphia Philpot hats, is appreciated by all”
Jacquelene Williamson – JB Coach International

“FAMS was organising Catholic Care race day at Rosehill Gardens in 2011 and we approached Philadelphia Philpot to help us with the hat parade. Wendi was not only amazing in the lead up, but she provided us with her fantastic hats, organised the lovely models , gave some students the opportunity to be involved, and  donated some great prizes for the best hats in the room. The Catholic Care race day was a wonderful success and Philadelphia Philpot added a fun element to the day”  Pauline Keyvar, Principal Consultant FAMSFundraising and Mentoring Solutions

” Wendi,  Your involvement added a higher level of style. Your hats were spectacular. And we couldn’t have got through the night if not for your organisational skills. Thanks very much, Chris”
Chris Campbell. CEO – The Junction Works

“Thank you so very much for your invaluable contribution to the Melbourne Cup activities at Cockle Bay Wharf.  The day was a great success despite the poor weather, and everyone really enjoyed the combination of fabulous dresses and hats, with a bit of male flesh thrown in for good measure!. Your hats were, as always, a sensational stand out. Thank you”
Daren Tait 2007

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart… You are like my Fairy God Mother that comes to my rescue always!!!!!”
P.J Clarke – Jeep Management 

“Wendi’s skill is to tailor each piece in a uniquely and personal way for all of her valued clients and she does this with impeccable taste.  She is an artist whose passion and creative flair are reflected in her designs. We feel very fortunate to work with her.” Lia Tsimos – Moss and Spy  

“Each hat is a personal work of art and full of Wendi’s soul…from gorgeous formal pieces to hats with a divinely humorous nature. Wendi has the ability to produce hats that bring out her client’s unique essence and energy…part of the charm of owning an original Philadelphia Philpot…I think she is brilliant!”  Simon Dow –  Artistic Director Milwaukee Ballet (1999-2001) West Australian Ballet (2001-2006) Choreographer/Teacher (2007-)

Please contact me if you would like a hat or headpiece created especially for you! Wendi 0411 22 82 32  email me