10 tips for wearing HATS

1  Make sure the hat actually fits you!  Measure your head, and the inside of the hat.  If the hat is too small,
it may give you a headache and it will probably look out of shape when you wear it.

We wear straw hats for spring/summer… and felt hats for autumn/winter.

NEVER wear a hat on the back of the head (unless it’s a 1960’s pill-box hat) – We want to see the whole of your hat and the gorgeous trim.

Philadelphia Philpot Millinery. 26 Nov 2013. Image © Torunn Momtazi

swirl hat © philadelphia philpot 2015 – image © torunn momtazi 2015

4  Wear your hat forward on the head, just above the eyebrows and tilt it slightly to the left or right. It looks more stylish and much sexier!…..This is a must for the boys as well!

5  Larger framed women look gorgeous in large brimmed hats – It is all about proportion – balancing your shoulders and the hips – as I am also a stylist I can help you look fabulous!

6  Small women should avoid really large brimmed hats – We can’t see you under the hat!  Small, perky, hats with a trim that points upwards gives the illusion that we are taller – (I should know, I am only 158cms!)

Women who wear glasses  – Try to avoid down turned brims. It can look very busy around the face with the glasses, the brim and the trim on the hat.

8  You look more stylish if your hat complements your shoes and handbag. Try matching exactly, or at least toning in with each other.

There is no such thing as HAT HAIR!  Don’t take your hat off until you get home. The hat is part of the whole outfit.

10 Look after your hats. Invest in a good one. – Have a gorgeous, couture hat or headpiece created by me and it will last for years … and can then be re-styled and re- modelled for another occasion.  See my post on re-styling.

Just 3 more!
– Avoid wearing cheap fascinators – They don’t enhance your look or style in any way!
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